Why BPM Software is a Solid Investment for your Marketing Department

The common problems of a marketing department are automation, efficient customer targeting and effective project management. However, all of these problems can be fixed with BPM software as the tools to overcome these challenges are provided.

The cost of investment for software solutions like bpm’online is fully justified when the benefits are considered. After all, the majority of business decisions are based on the cost to reward ratio. To learn more about marketing CRM system benefits, take the time to read the rest of this article.

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Customer segmentation

The ability to segment customers based on variables like gender, age, location and readiness to buy is a game-changer. It gives you the ability to target customers with the product they are most likely to buy. Consequently, the conversion rate of each marketing campaign will improve. 

In-depth data capture is part of the reason why excellent data segmentation is possible. CRM systems provide the ability to capture information from open sources like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, when a customer account is missing crucial data then it can be highlighted by the CRM system. A follow up can be scheduled to collect the missing data.

Accurate data means the quality of the customer relationship is not compromised. For example, if you send untargeted marketing messages based on bad data, it will frustrate the customer.


For a large company automation at scale is attractive, and that’s possible with marketing campaigns. Software solutions like bpm’online provide the tools for automation of almost all marketing-related processes.

The monitoring of customer buying history and adverting campaigns is easy with a good software. It is an important feature as this allows an oversight at the macro level of the marketing campaign. Automation means fewer employees need to be hired to manage projects, which saves money.

Productivity tools

A number of productivity tools are included in the bpm’online BPM + CRM system. An easy to use interface allows for the efficient management of marketing campaigns. Therefore, new employees will have a short learning curve to get up to speed of how the CRM system is used.

Other productivity tools include a built-in calendar that allows you to schedule meetings, tasks and calls. You might already be using other calendar software for productivity management. But the true power of CRM software is providing one platform for all functions. This leads to cohesiveness between different departments.

Another valuable automation tool for the marketing department is automated email. Once you have segmented the customer list based on marketing objectives, it is easy to send bulk emails to the whole list at once. 

Project management tools

Marketing activities, customer interactions and customer data capture are combined in one seamless platform. Project management is improved as a number of tools to execute the marketing vision are provided.

For example, the finances of any project can be tracked to figure out what funds are left to execute the remaining tasks. Also the profitability of a marketing campaign can be tracked in real time. If the results are not great then the campaign can be stopped before more funds are lost.

Advanced performance analysis tools

BPM software provides real-time customizable dashboards which display the data of a marketing campaign. This could be the bounce rate of a landing page, the conversions or the number of people that have signed up for a newsletter.

Remember that CRM software is just a tool that can help you meet the goals of your marketing campaign in a scalable and efficient manner. It doesn’t setup the marketing process for you. However, the flexibility of CRM systems may lead to creative ideas that result in a more productive and profitable marketing campaigns.


To help the marketing department drive business for your company, BPM software is a great investment. The improvements to automation, productivity, customer relations and performance analysis are the key benefits.

Your marketing team will get more tasks done in the same number of hours allowing more opportunities to be spotted. Consequently, the number of leads for your business will rise, and the cost of investing in CRM software will be justified.


BPM software can help your marketing department by providing the tools to improve productivity, automation, customer management and execute in-depth analysis.



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