What to consider when buying Pageant dresses  

Child pageants are competitions or functions where young kids under the age of sixteen compete to win an award for how they dress, walk and talk to the judges. It is every girl’s dream to walk down the runway and not just to participate with other kids but also to be the winner. For children who are quite young, you need to choose a dress for them. So how do you know which pageant dresses can help your child win the beauty pageant?

Here is a guide to help you choose the best pageant dress.

Skin Tone

Though most people believe that white dresses are perfect for a pageant, that is not always the case. You need to consider your kid’s skin tone before choosing a colour for her. It should be a colour that complements her skin tone, and that makes her stand out even in a group of people.

Body Type

Just like in older ladies, it is good that you find a dress that complements your girl’s body type. Make sure the dress is flattering. As much as you like a short dress, if your kid has no so cute knees, try to find a longer dress. Also, find a material that will fit her body perfectly. Make sure the dress brings out the beauty in her from all angles.

Know your budget

Even if you don’t need an expensive dress for your girl to win the competition, you need a dress that looks unique and exquisite. So, whichever budget make sure you let the shop owners know it so they can give you the best dresses for your budget. You do not want to spend above your budget, and then you start regretting. If the ready-made dresses do not look so good, you can always get a custom dress.

Time of year

Although this seems like a silly or funny factor, it’s only wise that you choose a dress that is consistent with the time of year. The judges will be surprised by your creativity and innovativeness, and it might just earn you some more points. For example, if it is fall season, an olive green dress may look more appealing than a red one.

Type of child beauty Pageant

Different pageant dresses require a particular kind of shoe or wig. However, before buying the dress, make sure you know which type of beauty pageant your child is participating in. There are two types namely glitz and natural pageants. If it is glitz, your girl can wear any dress, shoe, makeup and even wig but if it is a natural pageant, your child should be as natural as possible and no adult gowns are allowed.

Make your girl’s experience with beauty pageant memorable by getting a dress that will make her not only beautiful but also a winner.


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