This is How Curcumin Can Help Your Overall Health

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, the spice that makes curry yellow. For thousands of years, Turmeric spice has been a staple of the Indian diet. It’s also the hood ornament of Indian cuisine like hamburgers are of American cuisine or tacos of Mexican.

Science recently has begun to confirm what Indians have claimed as part of their traditional medicine, that the active ingredient in turmeric has several medicinal properties. Compounds within turmeric’s medicine, called curcuminoids have very powerful antioxidant properties.

However, eating lots of curries likely won’t do much other than making someone fat. Turmeric contains only around 3% of the active ingredient by weight. Studies showing the positive effects of the agent generally use dosages of at least 1 gram per day for testing purposes. It would take an eating an enormous amount of curry to ingest one gram of the stuff.

In order to get the maximum benefit, one needs to use an extract that contains high amounts of the pure ingredient. To make things more complicated, the bloodstream does not absorb the active ingredient in turmeric very well. To help the body process the medicinal ingredient in the popular Indian spice, one can eat some black pepper with it. Black pepper contains piperine. This natural substance helps the body absorb the curcuminoids by 2000%! This can be done by swallowing a few peppercorns whole. Since curcuminoids are fat soluble, it also would be a good idea to eat a fatty meal with the extract.

The main benefits of curcuminoids are in its properties. In fact, the properties in curcuminoids rival that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) chemical drugs. Turmeric’s medicinal ingredient works along several pathways that lead to inflammation. It works at the molecular level by blocking an agent that travels between cells setting off genetic events that cause inflammation.

Many of the NSAID drugs that reduce inflammation do so at the cost of side effects like extreme fatigue. This isn’t the case with curcuminoids. Even at high doses, the medicinal agent in turmeric showed itself to be safe with no side effects.

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