The Best Way To Download WAV On Mac

WAV is an audio file format which was developed by IBM and Microsoft. It has now gone so widespread today that it is also known as standard PC audio file format. Primarily used in PCs, WAV format has been accepted as a viable interchange medium for other computer platforms, such as Macintosh. Therefore the content developers can freely move the audio files between platforms for processing. The Wav file format stores information of the file’s mono or stereo tracks, bit depth, sample rate, and uncompressed raw audio data.

Advantages of WAV format:

  • All of Windows applications which support sound can play this format.
  • They can decode fast.

Disadvantages of WAV format:

  • The file size is very large compared to other audio formats.

WAV format is short of WAVeform Audio Format and is a raw audio format.

How to download WAV files?

WAV files are very large sized files. Therefore to download them you need uninterrupted internet connection as well as good speed. But that is not always with everyone. A lot of people has internet which gets disrupted every now and then, they either slows down or they get cut. So, what happens is that when you start downloading WAV file through normal browser and when the internet slows down or get cut due to any reason, the download stops. When again the internet comes back to its normal position, the file again starts downloading but the process of downloading again starts from the beginning of the file. Therefore to download WAV file on Mac you need to have either constant internet speed, which is very tough to find or you need a third party downloader.

You can use Folx, app to download WAV on Mac as it is the best app to support the download. Folx downloads the same file from 20 different locations. Also when there is no internet and the downloading process stops Folx automatically pauses the download. When the internet is back again and the downloading process starts, Folx restarts downloading the file from the point the downloading stopped. Also you can schedule when the file to be downloaded as well as you can assign the speed at which file to be downloaded.

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