Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids for baseball

The case of Rodriguez is true and he has admitted to taking steroids for baseball. Yes, this popular player of baseball was found to hold the positive reports which showed that he was using the performance enhancing drugs. Different reports also indicated that he had been using the steroids since long. The tested declared the traces of Primobolon and the oftestosterone in his body system. This was also find after played recorded the impressive performance for whole team on the Texas Rangers. The details further emerged about the place from where he and his major league baseball partners got these steroids from.

How did they have these steroids?

When he admitted to taking steroids for baseball, he stated that their performance enhancing drugs came directly from the America biogenesis which is a known rejuvenation clinic owned and founded by the Anthony Bosch. He used banned substances in the year 2001 & 2003. While playing the baseball for Texas rangers in the year 2003, Rodriguez even recorded excellent stats of players. He turned up as the most valuable player in league of Americans and hit around 47 runs the same year for breaking 300 of the career home runs and even attained the award for silver slugger.

Although he is also said as one of the premium players in baseball history with around 2086 RBIs, the scandal of Biogenesis scandal even undermined shortstop chances of hall of fame. Even the sibling of A-ROD admitted to taking steroids for baseball and was sentenced to go jail for around 7 months as he was also indulged in distribution of steroids and HGH called as the Primobolan. Transgression really went against performance enhancing policy of drugs, which is one factor that it can affect the elections. However, some of the people around believed that he deserves spot in baseball hall of fames.

Usage of banned substances

In survey which was produced for these revelations, it was found that Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids for baseball and was even among the 1200 players that were tested on using these banned substances. Around 104 number of these major league players were found with positive results for using these performance enhancers and they earn ban from sport for whole season. At such time, league did not even have any of the specified penalties for players that were tested as positive. At first, details of reports were also meant as to be kept secret and players remained anonymous along with that their samples were destroyed.


Such information opened up the whole scandal which was going the baseball league since long. It even emerged that various players were making use of these steroids and major supplier was Anthony Bosch who as supplying these enhancers. Alex admitted to taking steroids for baseball and stated that he was highly under pressure for performing and he resorted by making use of these banned substances to show world that he is the best baseball player.


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