Preliminary Consolidated Production Results Of Norilsk Nickel Group

 PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel is one of the most popular refined nickel and palladium producer across the globe committed to producing quality products. In 3Q17 the nickel production of this company is also increased by 10% and also reached its design parameters. Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta nickel refinery restarted its proper operations after annually scheduled repair works. In 2Q17 copper production is also quarter decreased as a result of temporary suspensions of the smelting operations in the Polar division. This problem occurs due to unfavourable weather conditions in Norilsk.

To overcome those issues, this company also plans to process accumulated concentrate in 4Q17, of course, this should fully compensate for the reduction of copper in the upcoming days. Even the company also reiterates 2017 metal production guidance. PJSC “MMC Norilsk Nickel is the popular mining and metallurgical company, and consider as the world’s largest producer of refined palladium, nickel etc. in addition, this company also produces platinum, cobalt, rhodium, copper, gold, silver, selenium, iridium,  tellurium, ruthenium. The production units include Polar Division and located at the Norilsk Industrial District.


In 3Q17, consolidated nickel production also increased by10% quarter-on-quarter and the nickel output of Russian feed reached 53 kt, up 10% q-o-q.  Overall, the growth is mainly attributed to the increase in production at Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta undergoing scheduled repairs in 2Q17. In 9M17 the output of nickel is also decreased up to 157 kt and the Nickel output from the Company’s own Russian feed reached 150 kt and reached its design parameters.

Platinum Group Metals

In 3Q17, platinum and palladium amounted to 693 Koz and 174 Koz. In general, the Palladium output from the Company’s own Russian feed also reached 687 Koz. Even the decrease was attributed to a high base effect of 2Q17. In 9M17 both platinum, palladium output amounted to 2,026 kHz as well as 493 koz (flat y-o-y).  Even the increase in palladium output also attributed to the change in metal.


In 3Q17, the copper production amounted to 96 kt, as well as down 4% q-o-q. The copper product also decreased due to the temporary suspensions at the Copper Smelter. This problem created due to the unfavourable meteorological conditions in Norilsk after that, the Company also plans to process accumulated concentrate in 4Q17, this also compensates for the decrease in copper volumes in the reported quarter. In 9M17, the output of the copper 291 kt, up 10%

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