One of the Best Services in Online Casinos – Live Dealers

One of the main concerns which people had regarding online casinos and their ongoings was the removal of the human element from play, and having to deal with computers and artificial intelligences.

Many people would much rather prefer to gamble with a real dealer, using real-life standards and mechanics, as opposed to completely digitally generated content. Such concerns were rectified by online casinos hosted by sites such as, who have insured that there is indeed a far more human element to the running of their services.

What is a Live Dealer?

In what are known as live casino games, an actual human dealer will provide all of the running duties you would normally see a dealer carrying out in a physical casino, all in real time, from a legitimate casino gaming table, which will all be completely streamed through a video link for players.

Players will then continue to make betting decisions and wagers through the computer, which the live dealer will then be able to respond to accordingly. Communication is achieved through a live chat system, which the live dealer will be able to effectively and efficiently utilize, ensuring that all player needs and decisions are being appropriately and professionally adhered to.

How do Payments Work?

One may wonder how the money produced from bets, winnings, and losses is transferred bout. Your physical transactions, being enacted by the live dealer (for example, the outcome of a poker dealing of cards, or where the ball lands in a wheel spin in roulette) will all be instantly translated into financial processes through the usage of sophisticated optical character recognition or OCR technology, which transforms all of the proceedings into easily crunched financial data.

The proceedings are basically the same as what you would encounter in a standard digital casino game, the only difference is that a very ingenious real-life factor has been introduced through the implementation of a highly trained expert dealer.

This means that you are no longer playing with the random number generator software that most online casinos will utilize with their gaming software, you are in fact playing with standards derived straight from traditional brick and mortar casinos.

A More Costly Service

As one can imagine, such a service is far more expensive to run than a simple digital online game. You need far more advanced software and technology in order to make such a service feasible, and you of course need to staff such services with the properly qualified individuals.

There isn’t just a dealer ensuring that this process runs smoothly, you will also need a cameraman operating the video streaming department, a group of croupiers to aid in the smooth running of games, an IT specialist on standby to ensure that any technical issues are quickly sorted out, as well as a pit boss who can intervene whenever croupiers and players have a clash.

With such a massive amount of effort going into such a service, you can easily expect to pay more.


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