Office Partitions: Mistakes to Avoid  

One of the trends in office layout is the use of office partitions. While the wall partitions offer numerous benefits to businesses, it is important to understand these benefits as well as how you can position the products so as to take full advantage of the benefits. One of the most remarkable things about the partitions is that they offer a complete departure from opaque and permanent walls. There are some common mistakes that businesses make when they install these products without professional help. These mistakes deny businesses the chance to introduce change in the work environment.

Too many private offices

As much as the partitions are meant to allow employees the privacy they need to concentrate on their work, you should avoid creating too many private offices. A high number of private offices will take away the sense of common purpose you may want to have in your employees. It may also hinder effective communication and consultation among staff members, reducing overall productivity.

Lack of creativity

When installing partitions in your office space, it is very important that you exercise creativity. The products are available in different materials, sizes, and colors. This gives you the opportunity to choose partitions that bear your brand colors. Rather than having opaque, partial height partitions, you should explore the different design possibilities to create a fancy and modern working area. This will keep your staff psyched, right from the time they hear about the possible redesigning of the office.

No meeting rooms

It is common for most people to concentrate on creating a balance between open spaces and private offices. Most businesses will also devote considerable effort and time to allow natural light to flood the space. However, this presents the danger of forgetting to make room for common rooms where consultations and collaborations can take place. This will force your employees to gather around someone’s desk to have consultations. This may end up causing distractions to other employees.

Lumping glass partitions together

One of the advantages of glass partitions is their ability to allow natural light into the office area. They also make it possible to use less lighting, a factor that helps in reducing money spent on paying energy bills. If you lump all the glass partitions in one part of the office, distribution of natural light will be greatly affected. This may even undermine your efforts to create an appealing office space.

Before installing office partitions, it is important to get the opinion of the staff members in your organization. Since you will be looking at the possibility of creating a more positive and welcoming working environment, the input of your staff will be invaluable. In the end, you will have motivated staff and achieve higher productivity.

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