How to find the best smoothie blender in the market

Smoothies are a health drink and it is made of fresh fruit or vegetables combined with water, milk, yogurt or ice cream. Not only does it appeal to the taste buds but it is also nutritious for our health. People may confuse a smoothie with juice. Juice is the extract from fruits whereas smoothie is the blend of the whole fruit. To buy the best smoothie blender there are few points which should be kept in mind.

Spot the best blender for your smoothie among basic blenders

A regular blender may make smoothies with frozen fruits and ice or yogurt but this type of blenders may not be long lasting. If you are a person who makes smoothies frequently then you should consider buying blenders which are capable of consistent use for a long time. Blenders which have the feature of liquefying frozen fruits and other products are consider being the best for your kitchen.

Good blenders may cost a little more than those of the regular blenders but it is worth is since it can work for a longer time. But putting lots of money does not necessarily mean that you will get the best smoothie blender. One should always do some research before buying a blender. Every person has different criteria so while buying a blender that should be kept in mind. Here are some the features which makes an ordinary blender as the best blender.

  1. Manual speed control – Pre-programmed speed control have their own limitations. Many people look for manual speed control in a blender. If you are not a fan of smoothies with big chunks and air bubbles in it then this is the feature that you should look for while buying a smoothie. A regular blender does not have manual speed control which creates the tornado effect which prevents the Smoothie to get evenly blended. A manual speed control blender lets you slowly increase the speed which helps to get a nice and smooth smoothie.
  2. Larger pitcher – When you put frozen fruits, ice cubes, milk and yogurt in a blender for making your smoothie it needs sufficient amount of space before it gets liquefied. So for a proper blending mechanism it is always ideal to have a large pitcher. Also when you are making smoothie for more than one people in big jar always comes in handy.
  3. Tamper– Tamper is a feature in a blender which helps in circulation of the fruits and the other ingredients. It helps the fruits to get to the bottom of the blender, near the blades so that it can get liquefied easily. A tamper is very important feature of a blender.
  4. Multi-prong blades – This Multi-prong blades are generally best suited for crushing eyes and other tough ingredients. Ordinary blades may get damaged while crushing these hard elements.
  5. Touchpad interface – Blender are an iconic kitchen appliance which are very useful. It does not even take much space. From Smoothies to margaritas a blender can make everything. In the past blenders used to have knobs and buttons that but presently blenders come with touch-screen interface. One can easily control the blender with the help of this touch-screen interface. It is also easier to clean the flat surface screen than those knobs and buttons. The touch screen interface may also include timed automatic settings. When the blender has done its work it may even shut down automatically.
  6. Pulse button – Pulse function is an important feature of a blender. It gives a quick start to the blender which helps to chop vegetables and fruits very quickly. The blender works in a medium speed when it is in pulse mode.
  7. Auto clean blender – Auto clean feature in a blender is very useful. From switching from one recipe to another we do not want any mixing of ingredients. Auto clean feature helps us to achieve these criteria. This cleans the hopper bins as well as the entire unit from the loader to the mixing chamber. It also has a designed automatic purge by-pass valve to provide a backup material supple to the process machine.


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