How to find people online

Do you want to know the whereabouts of that friend of whom you do not know anything anymore? On the Internet we will find many tools to find people. Although the results are not always successful, it is not necessary to admit it.

Maybe we wonder what will be of that partner we met when we went to college, or what will be the life of that childhood friend with whom we shared countless afternoons of games, and that by circumstances of life, we did not see again.

Now it is easier to look for a person online, thanks to many tools that the internet offers us, although none of them assures us a successful result. It may be that the person we are looking for has not been very familiar with the new technologies, so a search through this system may be in vain. But we will have to see it; we will try to exhaust all the possible tools to find that person online, at least to remove the doubt.

Now it is easier to look for a person, thanks to many tools that the internet offers us, although none of them assures us a successful outcome.

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Are you looking for a friend? Google finds it

The first tool we have is the search engine, and especially the Giant Google, although we can use any other. In Google we will put the name and surname of the person we are looking for, enclosed in quotes, for example: “Mike Taylor”

If it is a very common name, there will be several pages of results that we will obtain, which would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, it is important to have as much information as possible about the person we are looking for. We can give more details to the search by adding data such as your profession. In this way, we will put “Mike Taylor” + architect.

Find people on Facebook and Twitter

On Facebook or Twitter is practically everyone, therefore we will use these social networks to find the whereabouts of our friend. On Facebook, once we put the name and surname in the search engine, if there are several results and we can’t find the person, we can narrow the search by going to the option “people” that is in the menu on the left, to fine tune the results. Then, we can filter by cities to see if we can find that friend we are looking for.

In the same way, we can take advantage of the Twitter search engine, and we can even try to search in other social networks, such as MySpace, Hi5, or Linkedin.

Websites to find people

There are also some web pages that are dedicated to gather information about different social networks and other sites, with the purpose of locating someone. There we can find information about the address and telephone number of people, profiles in social networks and others. While it may serve as another tool, the results are not always effective.

Reality is not like that. There are many reasons why someone can feel alone: ​​a move to another city, a romantic relationship that has alienated them from their friends, absorbing work or overly lonely hobbies.

For many reasons there will be times when you feel the need to meet more people. Most of us prefer to do it in situations that do not seem being forced. Circumstances in which talking to someone can arise naturally and do not have to make too much effort on our part.

But these kinds of situations are not always within our reach, and above, the older we get, the more difficult it is for us to meet new people. That is why you should be brave, contradict the socially established and leave your comfort zone. It is still impossible to meet someone in person from the couch in your house.

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