Have a garage sale before moving  

In a typical house, there are numerous items that you do not really need. These may include old clothes, plastic items, and faulty electronics that may be dumped in a closet. Some of these items can be repaired or be reused. Therefore, there is no need to throw away the items into the dust pit.

Disposing some of the items will ensure that you get cheaper quotes when looking for a New York moving company to handle your relocation. You will pay less in terms of space for the relocation and you can use the extra cash to pay off the cost of relocation.

You have two options that you can pursue. You can either decide to have the items sold at an auction by a third party or conduct a garage sale in your backyard. The former may require the services of a New York moving company to handle the transport to the location for the auction or the flea market. However, some of the auctioneers would pick the items at their own cost.

When you settle for a garage sale, consider advertising the sale a week or so before the relocation day. Posters are the cheapest methods of advertising for your garage sale. In some locations, you may be required to seek permission from the local authorities before you can put posters around the neighborhood. Tell people what they expect to hear about the garage on the sale posters. Also, Publish the duration and the date of the sale too.

Once you have advertised for the sale, determine the prices for the items that will be on sale. You can group items as per the type and determine the base price for them. The garage sale can be made to appear as a normal sale with each item going for a specific price or as an auction where the highest bidder takes it. In this era of eBay and so forth, consider giving reasonable prices.

On the day of the sale, use counter-height tables for displaying the items. Keep items according to the departments such as the kitchen, the living room, tools, and so forth. This helps the potential customers locate the items they may need with ease.

Be ready to consider offers below the asking price especially if the person is buying goods in large quantities. Dropping a few cents and selling off all your items is a recommended approach. You can make a cheaper quote for the items that may be left by the end of the day.

With fewer items to move, the New York moving company that you pick will not drain your pockets. Look for the New York moving company with a package that fits your capacity to enjoy the savings.


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