Give Your Guests Peace of Mind with Sturdy Hotel Door Locks

Considering the risks travelers inherently face, one thing they should be able to count on is secure hotel door locks. Whether you accommodate guests in a large chain hotel or a quaint bed and breakfast, you should always ensure they feel secure in their rooms.

Hoteliers enjoy a multitude of lock options. They can choose from builder grade, mid-grade to commercial grade devices and from low to high tech. With such a wide range of door locks on the market, you’re sure to find a quality and price point that best fits your budget.

Issues with Electronic Hotel Door Locks

The trend these days seems to point towards electronic, key card accessed door lock systems. While these types of locks are great to add to a new build or refresh design, retrofitting to an electronic system has the tendency to become a bank-busting plan.

The hardware alone can cost anywhere from $100 up to $800 per door. Add to those basic costs, the installation, wiring, computer setup, staff training and regular security upgrades, and you’re going to make a very substantial investment.

But are keyless entry systems more secure than the tried and true locks? Well, the jury remains out on that question. Like anything electronic, hackers seem eager to find ways to breach it. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they succeed. While, overall, keyless security has vastly improved since electronic locks became popular in the hospitality sector, no one security system is absolutely failsafe.

Often, the Simpler the Better

One thing about legacy lock systems you can’t deny: They’re easy for guests and staff to use. About the toughest thing you’re liable to encounter happens when a key breaks off in a lock. Plus, the mechanisms, lacking the expensive electronic features, cost much less, even for high-grade kits comparable to the most secure keyless or radio frequency ID locks.

Guest Security from the Inside of the Room

Preventing criminals from breaking into your lodgers’ rooms while your patrons are out is important. But preventing villains from entering after the guests tuck themselves in is paramount. Chain guards and swing locks have the test of time to recommend them. By providing these simple but effective hardware sets to each guest room, your visitors won’t need to rig some other security measure — such as bracing a chair under the doorknob — that might leave damage or scuff marks.

When you’re ready to upgrade or replace your hotel door locks, be sure to choose sturdy products. When guests notice that they can sleep easy in your rooms, they are much more likely to add your inn to their list of preferred lodging brands

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