Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Scrubbing Machine

Of all parts of a building, the floor has the highest cleaning requirement. It does not matter whether it is an office, home or industrial set up. It is because everything that goes up eventually comes back down, except a hydrogen balloon. You can fix the blame on the force of gravity, but at the end, you will have to fix the problem. Here is where buckets, mops, and machines such as the Tennant floor scrubber come in.

Buckets, rugs, and mops are handy for small-scale floor cleaning. However, large industrial floors and high-end office suites need something more efficient and easy to use, a machine. While there are several floor scrubbing machines in the market, most of them will not suit your specific needs. Below are five factors to consider when shopping for one.

  1. The floor size

The configuration and specifications of floor scrubbers are as varied as the number of manufacturers in the market, and cleaning needs. Some machines are made for cleaning large areas. If your floor is a small one, buying such a scrubber will be wasteful.

  1. Level of dirt on the target floor

Office spaces, home, and factory floors have different dirt levels. It is no doubt that the industrial floor harbors the most dirt of the three. There are machines designed for such heavy duty floor scrubbing needs.  However, they are pricey and consume more power. Nevertheless, using lightweight scrubbers on such floor will result in mediocre results.

  1. Noise levels

Shopping centers, offices, and other noise sensitive areas require muffled scrubbers. In noisy environments, however, it is a non-issue.

  1. Operational simplicity

Floor scrubbers, as with all machines, are designed to make work easy. That by no means guarantees that they are simple to use. Small-scale scrubbers are undoubtedly easy to operate, but all these changes when you have to purchase a large heavy duty machine. In such a case, you should find out the availability of support services.

  1. Personnel requirement

While you only need to read the manual to use a Tennant floor scrubber, some machines require real skill. Your supplier should offer training to the personnel that will be operating the machine. Large-scale heavy-duty machines may also need more than one person to operate. Check with your financial manager if you can afford one more hand.

  1. Buying versus outsourcing

I kept this spoiler for the last.  Compare the initial and running costs of the machine with the cost of outsourcing a cleaning firm with its scrubber machine. For large scale cleaning needs, it is cheaper to let cleaning service companies do the job than doing it yourself. They will almost always have the right machine to get the job done.

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