Creating a Menu for a Dinner Party

A dinner party is a wonderful way to show off. It’s a chance to entertain guests and demonstrate your love of food. When planning a dinner party, many elements should go into your plan. The setting should be beautiful and elegant. Lighting is crucial as is your choice of seating. It’s also helpful to think about other aspects of your planned dinner party. Perhaps the most crucial part of your dinner party is your menu. You want to have a dinner party menu that everyone at your table will enjoy. The menu should sing. From the very beginning with a yummy appetizer to an ending with gourmet chocolates, you want your guests to enjoy the food on their plates. Think about makes you happy and what will help please everyone you’ve invited. 


The first thing your guests should feel when they walk into your home is a sense of pleasure. This is why many party givers choose to greet guests with an amuse-bouche. This small taste is a common plan in France and upscale restaurants across the country. Think about starting off with a plate of a few hot and cold items that you know your guests will find delicious. A few pieces of poached shrimp or some ham wrapped across an in-season piece of melon are an ideal way to help get the party started. Hot appetizers that work include items such as a potato soufflé or a mini quiche. 

The Main Course 

After a strong appetizer, it’s a good idea to think about luscious main courses. Many people love the idea of serving a delicious main course of something very hearty. A rib roast is a good choice if you want to impress guests. Other good choices for an impressive main course include lamb ribs, poached salmon or just a simple whole chicken that has been carefully roasted for a few hours. If you have vegetarians coming to your home, consider giving them choices to eat that adhere to their dietary restrictions. A mushroom based main course full of umami notes is a good choice that your other guests will also enjoy eating. Pair them with a good selection of wines to help make your guests feel at home and relaxed. 

A Happy Ending

When you create a menu for a dinner party, you really want everyone to have as much enjoyment as possible. Think about specifics such as the pace of the menu. Allow several hours for the party from start to finish. Each course should take about an hour. This way, everyone can have time to speak with others at their table. To help end the party, bring out a tray of sweets for everyone to enjoy as they begin their plans to leave for the evening. A well-paced dinner with lots of choices is the ideal to create a delicious dinner party. Proper advanced planning can help make every guest have a truly memorable dinner party experience.


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