Building a Rapport with your Landlord and Roommate in Noida

Living in a cosmopolitan Indian city like Noida, chances are you and your landlord will have come from different backgrounds, culturally and linguistically. However, all you need is one conversation and your landlord can be a friendly acquaintance. Whether you are living in a PG for girls in Noida or an independent house, it always helps to have the property owner on your side.

Start a Conversation

There are certain indicators by which landlords judge (sometimes rather unfairly) their tenants. You don’t have to worry about each and everyone but the ones dealing with money – that you can control. Pay your rent on time – always. In fact, pay it a couple of days early – and use this chance to strike a conversation. Talk about the weather and ask them how they are.

Small talk works, it gives you a chance to know your property owner better and importantly it gives them more insight into you. In their eyes, you would have started off as that young person from Town X – pretty much a stranger. A few conversations later, they will remember your name, know where you work and understand you a little better. That is a great start to building rapport.

Keep a tab on the festivals they celebrate. Do not try too hard though. Gift a box of sweets on Diwali maybe but leave it to the big occasions.

Take Care of the Property

The extra mile helps sometimes. Many tenants do not feel responsible for the fixtures in the place where they stay. If you have the budget – get some repairs done. Fix a leaky faucet or get the wiring of the fan fixed. Maybe change the heating rod of the geyser. Inform your landlord that you plan to facilitate some repair.  This shows that you are concerned about the maintenance of the place.

Be Friends with your Roommate

Apart from your landlord, the next important relationship to build is that with your roommate. Take an interest in what he or she does. The best way to make friends is to give them a natural chance to describe themselves. Share your own story too. If your roommate is from a different state look at this as a chance to learn about new cultures.

Eventually, you will find some common interests. Build on that. Watch a cricket game together or exchange books. Plan some weekends together even – try out each other’s favourite recipes.

When building rapport, whether with your landlord or your roommate, always ensure that you balance it with your own privacy. Respecting each other’s space is the best way to build rapport with your roommate.

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