Best Places to Visit in the Heart of India: Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is famously known as the Heart of India due to its geographical location in the country. But geography isn’t the only reason MP is known as the heart and we’re here to show you why, what and where.The roads of Madhya Pradesh are enchanting with forests of teak, so get your bikes out and get riding, and if you do not have a bike, fret not. Riders can now easily find bike for rent online in Jabalpur (which is a place going to be mentioned below). So without further ado, we bring to you – the Best Places to Visit in the Heart of India!


A city of astounding labyrinth alleys, Ujjain is the sanctuary town of MP. A perfect escape for the profound souls, the city is an enchanting spot without a doubt. Wind up settled at the great temples that are committed for the most part to the sects of Shaivite and Vaishnavite in Hinduism.



Arranged on the bank of Betwa River, Orchha is a curious yet illustrious town that improves the appeal of MP, which is a fundamental piece of India. A little village of lovely and well-spoken structures, Orchhais a sweet memory of the Bundela Era.

Kanha National Park

The rich untamed life save, Kanha has been a noteworthy vacation destination in MP. Kanha is extended in a territory of 1,940-sq-kms and is most celebrated for helping the types of Barasinga (Swamp Deer) to not to go wiped out in India. The thick backwoods for the most part includes Sal, Bamboo and scandalous Mahua trees. The recreation center is additionally known for visit sightings of Tiger, Blackbuck and Peacock.


Khajuraho can appropriately be known as the exemplification of Indian workmanship. A gathering of 22 sanctuaries is all it takes to make Khajuraho well known among world voyagers. The many-sided carvings and the fine suggestive figure workmanship are sufficient to make any history darling go gaga for the Indian craftsmanship.


Gwalior has been figured as one of the essential urban areas that contributed towards the historic abundance of India. Ideal from the Vedic Age to the Mutiny period, this city of Madhya Pradesh remained a noticeable land. Gwalior is rich in craftsmanship and engineering, which puts it in our list of the best places in Madhya Pradesh.

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Known as the Buddhist center, Sanchi in the Raisendistrict of Madhya Pradesh is an absolute necessity to experience. The city is renowned worldwide for the Ashoka-manufactured Sanchi Stupa. Sanchi gloats about rich history of the district as this city saw diverse decision administrations. Sanchi was the hotspot for dealers and merchants when it was called Vidishagiri.


Known as the city of rocks, Jabalpur is a quiet town. It is considered among the best destinations to visit in MP. The city is encompassed by stone and sandstone slopes and is most well-known for its Marble rocks and the Kanha National Park in its closeness. Jabalpur is arranged on the bank of Narmada River and is an ideal place to witness the beauty of Madhya Pradesh. Also if you’re looking for Bikes to rent online, you can just head to as they provide quality bikes for rent in Jabalpur.

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