Batu Caves – A Tourist Attraction Not To Be Missed

Batu caves are one of the most famous tourist attractions of Malaysia. They are located 13km away from Kuala lampur. They can be reached by bus, monorail or visitors can hire a taxi from anywhere in Kuala lampur to Batu caves.  The rich cultural and historical past of the Batu cave temple makes it a site not to be missed. Go through this article to learn about the attractions of Batu caves in Malaysia.

Batu caves are million year old rock formations. They are believed to be formed 400 million years ago with lime stone and used by the native tribes of Malaysia called as Orang Asli as shelter.  These caves were used to harvest bat droppings called guano.

Later in 1891, the caves were turned into Hindu temple by K.Thambusamy Pillai. The Batu cave temple is a sacred place of worship for the Hindus. The Batu cave temple houses a 42.7 metre statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu god. It is the highest statue in the world. Apart from the main temple cave there are two other temples at the foot of Batu caves. These two temples house an art gallery and museum which consist of paintings and statues of numerous Hindu Gods.  A yearly festival called as Thaipusam is organised in honour of lord Murugan at the Batu caves.  The festival is a major event in Kuala lampur which consists of chariots, symbolic offerings and ceremonial dances.

There are dark caves below the main temple cave. These dark caves are famous for the natural rock formations like stalactites forming on the cave ceilings and stalagmites that rise from the caves floor. These rock formations form different attractive patterns like cave curtains, scallops and cave pearls which mesmerize the visitors. There are a lot of animals of different species found inside these dark and wet caves. The access to visitors is limited. And to view these natural formations one has to participate in the adventure trips organised by the Malaysian Nature Society.

Batu caves is also famous for rock climbing activities as they have more than 160 rock climbing routes across the lime stone hills. These routes are easily accessible and a major attraction for adventure lovers in Malaysia.

You can visit the official website of Malaysia tourism or websites of any travel sites of Malaysia to learn about the attractions of Batu caves in Malaysia.  They provide all the information about the caves and their history. They also have information about how to reach the caves from different spots in Kuala lampur. You can also get to know the other attractions nearby Batu caves and the operating time of these attractions.

Batu caves is a must visit attraction, not to be missed while preparing your itinerary in Malaysia. It is a network of limestone hills 13km away from Kuala Lampur and a sacred place for the Hindus. The Batu caves houses the tallest statue of lord Murugan, a Hindu God. Apart from the temple, the caves also have dark underground caves with amazing eco system and rock formations.



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