Are Office Room Dividers For You?

Open floor layouts when it comes to offices is a popular trend in the last decade or so. Essentially, they are supposed to allow employees to collaborate and work on projects at the same time easily by flowing from one department to another. However, the issue with open floor layouts is that not all employees are able to work the same way. For many employees, working in an open floor layout can be problematic and distracting. Luckily, there is a way to appease just about everyone in your office, those that enjoy open layouts and those that need a bit more privacy and space, like office room dividers. You can incorporate both aspects into your office to create the perfect work environment. Consider these factors to figure out the best kind of layout for your office.

Is Your Work Creative and Collaborative?

If you work in an environment where collaborating is a large part of your day to day job, then an open floor layout can be great. Your employees will be able to move easily between departments to work together. However, if your day to day requires more solitary working, then open floor layouts can be distracting and ruin productivity. Adding office room dividers can allow your employees to decide how they want to work. They can work on their own where there are dividers for optimal concentration or they can work in the open floor layout area for collaborative projects.

Is Your Work Casual or More Professional?

In more casual environments, an open floor layout is great. Employees enjoy a more casual, open seating arrangement when they work in casual places that are not too stiff. On the flip side, if you work in a more professional climate where your employees have to take phone calls, have private meetings, and work solo; office room dividers are more beneficial.

Do You Need to Maximize Space?

Open floor layout plans are usually the best for maximizing space in an office. Without dividing up a room for individual working stations, you are able to maximize the space of your office. However, your maximizing of space can come at a big cost of productivity for your employees. In that case, blending both options of an open office layout as well as office separation, can benefit your space needs and your employees.

When it comes to choosing your type of office, you want to consider the type of employees that you are serving and the amount of room you have in your office. You also want to think about the type of work you do. You can use both an open floor layout as well room dividers to create the most productive work place.

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