6 Important Criteria Of A Better Marketing Leads

The healthy relationship between the marketing and sales team will bring the different department in a company better and desirable results. However, they must also understand that one of the key points of success revolves around leads and its quality.

Why quality leads are significant?

Believe it or not, quality leads play a crucial role in business growth while bad leads can waste your company’s money and time. Most businesses out there lose almost $20,000 per marketing representative annually on bad leads.

But through robust lead data, your business will surely save its wasted time talking to uninterested customers or calling invalid numbers.

What Are Topmost Criteria That Defines A Qualified Customer?

You should make sure that you are not qualifying just mere leads, but rather better leads. Here are some tips for you to know quickly those who will qualify so you can spend more time on them and be able to get the best benefit you truly deserve:

They must have needs.

This is an indication that these people are qualified. Though in some instances, it will still depend on your industry and product, you must keep in mind that once they look for your service/product, they have the ‘needs’.

When you are involved in marketing, you should know how to find the potential pain. What is the possible cause why they are interested? What is their problem? How can you possibly convert them into leads?

A good squeeze page designs can help you here. Most online marketers use fantastic  landing page builder like Result Driven SEO to convert your website visitors into leads.

They must have the money.

Obviously, this is the main factor and focal point of any transactions during the negotiation. It is definitely should be part of the criteria while you are identifying better leads. You should know if they enough capital in making a purchase. Never waste your time if your prospect is not yet ready to invest.

They should have enough time.

This will differ from the product and industry. Time resources are an important consideration too when looking for qualified customers. Your leads are okay with the delivery time of the goods. Do they already need as soon as possible?  Is it clear to them that it would take weeks or even months before the system is implemented?

They must have the authority.

Not everyone you are speaking to have the right authority and power to sign the agreement. Most of the companies only allow few people can make it into legal agreements along with the vendors. As much as possible you have to talk with the final decision maker.

They do have personnel resources.

This goes along with time since personnel resources can greatly affect your prospects if he/she is qualified.

Know who your competitors are.

For instance, you’re currently involved in SEO services for dentists by Online Marketing For Doctors, then you should know who you are competing with. Determine from the leads which competitor they have already collaborated with.


Best sale results will come from establishing of longer-term relationship and nurturing leads not until they are already prepared to be purchased. Although there are quicker and dirtier techniques out there, but on the long run, this will not be profitable enough for you.

Knowing these important criteria of a better marketing leads, you don’t waste your time and effort just to identify if someone is qualified or not. List all of your questions or information in one-page document to be more organized.

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