5 Tea Garden Resorts in Darjeeling That Will Excite Every Tea Lover!

Darjeeling is a fantastic holiday destination. From tea gardens to monasteries and lakes, it has something for everyone. However, there is a very special experience this place offers, an experience that will be particularly enjoyed by tea lovers, to say the least! Here we list some pristine locations in Darjeeling, some of the most famous tea garden resorts.

  1. Singkom Tea Estate Resorts– An old bungalow situated near a beautiful tea garden has now been transformed to accommodate tourists looking for hotels in Darjeeling. The resort is pretty close to the city of Darjeeling, and is located at a place from where you can have an open and green view of the tea gardens nearby. The cost of the rooms lies in the mid-range and people who wish to bring out their photographer streak in them can click some interesting snaps in the lush green locales of this resort.
  2. Happy Valley Estate– This estate does not have the provision to stay and can be visited only to understand the whole process of tea making. In a half day trip, you can have a look at how the tea leaves are picked and processed to create some of the most strong smelling tea brands. At a walking distance from the Chowk Bazaar area, the Happy Valley Estate is your place to get some snaps of the tea making process.
  3. Goomtee Tea Estate and Resort-If you are looking for a location that produces the best Darjeeling tea then this resort is the place to be at. The estate has a bungalow where you can lodge and indulge in the scenic beauty of the tea garden, nearby mountains and valleys alongside. The estate was actually the residence of a British planter and it has four double rooms, which are usually put up for lodging. However, remember that amongst the other hotels in Darjeeling, this resort is slightly far off, so opt for this only if you are sure that you are ok with the distance.
  4. Makaibiri Tea Estate and Homestay– One of the top tea producing gardens in the world, this resort is run by the descendants of the original owners. The estate has some luxurious accommodations to enjoy stay in a tea garden. However, if doing that is out of your budget, then the garden workers there can arrange homestays in their village for you. These would be clean and they provide food and other services. However, before doing that just keep in mind the perils of staying at a remote location.
  5. Ging Tea House Darjeeling– Slightly in the higher price range, the Ging Tea House is spread over 600 hectares of tea gardens. This tea house is actually a planter’s bungalow which has been modified to accommodate tourists. Apart from clicking some admirable pictures of the greenery of the tea gardens, you can also click some of the colonial architecture of the bungalow. The six luxurious suites here give you a magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga and you can also experience varieties of tea tasting in the estate.

These are just a few of the tea garden plus resorts in Darjeeling, which are going to make your trip memorable. Do a good research about budget hotels in Darjeeling online and compare their features and location, before taking your call. Staying at a tea garden resort is an experience in itself and to be a part of the same you should not hurry into making your choices.


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